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GENESIS is a research project promoted by Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto Superior de Agronomia and University of Aveiro.

The project is funded by FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, project PTDC/GESURB/29444/2017.


To support decision makers to make robust and informed decisions regarding the real economic value of green roofs/walls solutions.

Additionally, to help design effective incentive mechanisms able to significantly leverage the large-scale develpment of such systems.


To enhance cost-benefit analysis of green roofs and green walls and develop a comprehensive and systematic model for balancing environmental, economic and social benefits of green roofs and walls with the underlying extra costs, in a life cycle perspective.

Recent Publications


- Published: A. Galvão, D. Martins, A. Rodrigues, M. Manso, J. Ferreira, C. M. Silva. Green walls with recycled filling media to treat greywater. Science of The Total Environment. 2022, 842, 156748.

- Published: Silva, J., Paço, T.A., Sousa, V., Silva, C.M. Hydrological Performance of Green Roofs in Mediterranean Climates: a Review and Evaluation of Patterns. Water. 2022, 13(18), 2600.

- Published: Manso, M., Sousa, V., Silva, C. M., Cruz, C. O. The role of green roofs in post COVID-19 confinement: An analysis of willingness to pay. Journal of Building Engineering. 2021, 44, 103388.


- Published: Rafael, S., Correia, L.P., Ascenso, A., Augusto, B., Lopes, D., Miranda, A. I. Are green roofs the path to clean air and the low carbon cities?. Science of the Total Environment. 2021, 798,149313.


- Published: A. P. Almeida, T. Liberalesso, C. M. Silva, V. Sousa, “Dynamic modelling of rainwater harvesting with green roofs in university buildings”, Journal of Cleaner production. 2021, 312, 127655.

- Published: I. Teotónio, C. M. Silva, C. O. Cruz, “Economics of Green Infrastructures: A Literature Review”, Sustainable Cities and Society,  69,  102781, 2021.

Next / Recent Events


The International Conference on Inclusivity, Resilience, and Circular Economy of Water Services - IRCEWS2022

Lisbon, Portugal

GENESIS team attended IRCEWS2022, and delivered a presentation with the title: Integrating private water systems in a holistic management of the urban water cycle. This conference took place in Lisbon, between 29 and 30 of September.


21th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes - HARMO21

University of Aveiro, Aveiro

GENESIS team attended HARMO21, and delivered a presentation titled: Assessing the impacts of green infrastructures on urban air quality. This conference took place at the University of Aveiro, between 27 and 30 of September.


13th European Conference on Ecological Restoration - SER Europe 2022

University of Alicante, Spain

GENESIS team  attended SERE 2022. At this conference, Tiago did a presentation on "The Role of Green Roofs in Urban Ecological Restoration" and a poster about "Quantifying the biodiversity economic value of green roofs: A case study applied to Lisbon, Portugal".

Nature Base Solutions Conference 2022 - NBS 2022

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

GENESIS team presented a poster at the Nature Base Solutions Conference 2022. The poster, titled "The value of green roofs and green walls: GENESIS project", aimed to showcase the different Project GENESIS case studies and their outcomes.

2022 IAPS Lisboa SIMULAVERDE.jpg

27th International Association People-Environment Studies Conference - IAPS 2022

ISCTE, Lisbon

GENESIS team made a presentation at the 27th International Association People-Environment Conference. The presentation theme was "Green spaces on the roof or on the ground. Does it matter?".

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