13th European Conference on Ecological Restoration - SER Europe 2022

University of Alicante, Spain

Genesis' researcher, Tiago Liberalesso,  attended SERE 2022. This event took place at Alicante University, Spain, and was focused on ecological restoration, with presentations and posters on various restoration sectors, such as forests, wetlands, rivers, agroecosystems, marine areas, urban environments, extractive industries, and others. At this conference, Tiago did a presentation on "The Role of Green Roofs in Urban Ecological Restoration" and a poster about "Quantifying the biodiversity economic value of green roofs: A case study applied to Lisbon, Portugal".

Nature Base Solutions Conference 2022 - NBS 2022

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Genesis researcher Maria Manso presented a poster at the Nature Base Solutions Conference 2022, which took place at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom. The poster, titled "The value of green roofs and green walls: GENESIS project", aimed to showcase the different Project GENESIS case studies and their outcomes.

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27th International Association People-Environment Studies Conference - IAPS 2022

ISCTE, Lisbon

Genesis researcher Isabel Loupa Ramos made a presentation at the 27th International Association People-Environment Conference, which took place at ISCTE, in Lisbon. The presentation theme was "Green spaces on the roof or on the ground. Does it matter?".


Workshop - The value of green roofs and green walls

IST, University of Lisbon

Workshop - "The value of green roofs and green walls"

June 03, 2022

This workshop took place at Instituto Superior Técnico and aimed to showcase part of the work done during the Genesis Project.

The first two presentations were dedicated to nature-based solutions and how to value them in urban areas. After the audience was presented with three different but complementary projects: the retrofitting of a green roof in a public building, the construction of a new intensive roof in a private habitational building and the retrofit of intensive and extensive greens roofs and a green wall in a single private house. In the end, there was a presentation and discussion of the GreenCalc Tool, a small debate when people from the audience could ask questions and the results of a survey done at the beginning of the workshop were discussed.

The feedback was very positive, with nearly 30 attendants in the room and more than 80 viewers via Zoom.

Rainfall event simulation on Green Roofs

IST, University of Lisbon

Take a look at what's going on!

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Ongoing tests on green roofs

IST, University of Lisbon

Our team has been analyzing the vegetation development, rainfall retention capacity and surface temperature of green roof test beds with variations in vegetation and substrate composition. 


Técnico moves towards greener campus

The GENESIS project is involved in the  Pensar Verde” initiative which aims to enhance the outdoor spaces of the Alameda campus, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon.

It includes the "Green roofs" initiative, coordinated by Prof. Cristina Matos Silva, which aims to analyse different native plant species and the use of recycled materials in substrates, as well as the consequent contribution to rainwater retention and  surface temperature variations.

Also, the "Green Wall for Greywater Recycling" initiative coordinated by Prof. Ana Galvão aims to design a green wall for greywater treatment.

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GENESIS Team Meeting

June 29, 2021

The GENESIS team gathered online to present the most up-to-date results.

During the event each research team presented their work and obtained feedback from all team members.

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NEW Video - Greywater treatment

Project GENESIS launched a video with tests being performed on green walls for greywater treatment using recycled materials.

NEW Video - ongoing tests on green roofs

Project GENESIS launched a new video with tests being performed on green roof samples at IST-Lisboa including the evaluation of vegetation growth, incorporation of recycled construction waste materials (RCD´s), rainwater simulation, water flow and thermographic analysis.

GENESIS Workshop "Integração de coberturas e paredes verdes no espaço urbano"

January 20, 2021

Project GENESIS online workshop had 125 participants and included the presence of Portuguese researchers, councils, the National Association of Gren Roofs (ANCV), designers and installers of green roofs and green walls.

Check the content in our Events - GENESIS Workshop page for further info!

Team Meeting

October 13, 2020

Project GENESIS meeting. Update of on-going work. 

UNITE! Virtual Research Encounter

17 September, 2020

We had the chance to present GENESIS ongoing work in the UNITE Research Encounter “Roof, walls and open space – Green Infrastructures and Nature-based Solutions in urban areas”:

  1. Economic evaluation of green roofs and green walls (Inês Teotónio, PhD thesis)

  2. Hydrological performance of green roofs in Mediterranean climates (Joana Silva, Research work)

  3. Water treatment with green walls (Joana Ferreira, Master thesis)


The University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering (UNITE!) aims to foster the cooperation between higher education institutions in the European Union. This Research Encounter was intended as a platform of exchange regarding ongoing project and thesis work in the interdisciplinary field of Green Infrastructures and Nature-based Solutions. It was a great opportunity to bring students and researchers from different universities together and to boost cooperation.

See the complete program here.

GENESIS in 90 segundos de Ciência

6 April, 2020

The GENESIS team was invited for an interview in 90 segundos de Ciência90 segundos de Ciência is a radio program of Antena 1, together with ITQB and FCSH of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, that allows Portuguese researchers to disseminate their work. The PhD researcher Ana Ascenso had the opportunity to present the ongoing research of project GENESIS, in particular the impact of green infrastructure in air quality and temperature in two case studies: Avenida da República in Aveiro and Porto Municipality.

Read and listen to a brief summary of the interview here.

GENESIS team in Diário de Aveiro

2 February, 2020

The GENESIS team highlighted in an article within the heading “Is it worth to green the roof and/or walls of my future house?” of the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Aveiro, the fundamental role of green roofs and walls in today’s society but also the obstacles to the application of these solutions, particularly with regard to costs. The article presented the aim of project GENESIS, stating the need for accurate cost-benefit analysis to green roofs and green walls based on a case-by-case evaluation.

Initiatives of this kind are important to raise awareness among the population.


Urban Green Infrastructure International Conference - For a Greener Future

2 - 3 April, 2020

Instituto Superior Técnico, Alameda Campus, Lisbon, PT

Nature-based solutions/green infrastructures will play an important role in tackling urban challenges in a multifunctional way. In this sense, green­ roofs/walls are one of the most promising alternatives as they can green the grey infrastructures and value it.

Lisbon will be the European Green Capital in 2020.

This conference will focus on the most recent research work regarding green roofs and green walls, namely on the evaluation of urban scale and local benefits and life-cycle cost analysis of these systems. 

JOIN US in this event!


7th International Conference on Sustainable Development 

4 - 5 September, 2019, Rome, Italy

It was with great pleasure that the GENESIS team presented their work at the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development in Rome! 


This event focused on the critical challenge of human, environmental, and economic sustainability concerning the present and future generations in a global-scale context.

Professor Cristina Matos Silva presented Project GENESIS: An all-inclusive model to perform cost-benefit analysis of green roofs and walls. 

Inês Teotónio presented a literature review on "What do we know about the economic value of Nature-Based Solutions".

A scientific paper will be published after this event.

Team Meeting

May 2, 2019

Project GENESIS meeting. Update of on-going work. 

LiderA 19'

February 6, 2019

Project GENESIS was presented in LiderA 19' Congress, hosted in Instituto Superior Técnico - IST, during workshop "Valuing the Quest for Sustainability on Construction"


January 10, 2019

Project GENESIS was discussed during workshop "Wastes and Green Systems for Sustainable Buildings" in Universidade da Beira Interior - C-MADE/UBI.

Kick-off meeting

October 9, 2018

The Kick-off meeting of GENESIS took place on the 9th Oct 2018 at IST to discuss the role of each team member and to plan activities.